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Shalu Chawla


About Shalu Chawla

Shalu Chawla, based in Melrose, Massachusetts, is an accomplished Quality Assurance Engineer and Analyst. She has amassed over ten years of experience within the tech industry and possesses a plethora of technical skills. Shalu is particularly adept with a myriad of automated testing tools, visualization tools, and knows multiple technical languages, including Java SQL, HTML, XML, and JSON. 

As a Quality Assurance Engineer, Shalu enjoys the challenge of engaging with software and finding the issues it possesses. With her assistance, she knows that by the time a product reaches production, it will be perfect—and that’s something she’s proud of. With strong analytical skills, Shalu Chawla is able to help make products more efficient and effective for the people who will use them. 

Shalu earned her Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications in 2001 from India’s Maharshi Dayanand University. In 2003, she obtained an M.Tech in Microwave Electronics from Delhi University. A year later, she migrated to the United States with her husband and formally began her career in the technology industry. Seeking further opportunities, Shalu went back to school and later graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a Master of Science in Computer Systems. 

Throughout her career, Shalu Chawla has worked with top companies and institutions, such as ING, Fidelity Investments, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Her input has successfully led to the development of several revolutionary products, several of which were completed for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Shalu contributed to the development of EASy, a web-based application to help DIs perform their central accounting operations across all of the banks; Capital Stock Integration with EASy, an application based off the previous project that utilized cold fusion technology; and, CARE (Centralized Asset Reallocation), a software designed to help change the assets on the background to AIX Unix servers. 

Outside of work, Shalu is an avid traveler who is passionate about experiencing all the cultures the world has to offer. Along with her husband and their three sons, Shalu Chawla travels as often as her schedule allows. Most recently, the family took a trip to Florida to experience the wonder of Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Of all the places she’s visited, though, Shalu’s favorite place to date is the Berkshires, a rural region in the mountains of western Massachusetts, where the fall foliage achieves colors you never believed imaginable. With every new place she visits, Shalu is awed by the diversity of the earth and the beauty of nature.