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Travelers often discover too late that their chosen destination was also selected as a vacation spot by millions of others. The crowds can make it impossible to enjoy the views, avoid long lines, and learn more about the area’s people. Rather than waste valuable travel time on places like these, others host very few tourists each year despite their desirable scenery and rich history. Here are three of the places in the world that remain the least visited by outsiders.


#1. The Jungles of Suriname


The South American country of Suriname has fewer than 300,000 visitors a year. The anonymity is surprising considering the gorgeous seaside views and nature reserve that covers 12 percent of the country’s land area. Unique vegetation and animals found only in the region thrive within the thick jungles of Suriname’s protected park. Suriname also offers unique food, music, and architecture thanks to the influence of Dutch, Chinese, and African settlers, among others.


#2. Nestled in the Clouds


Explored by only about 250,000 adventurers per year, Bhutan intentionally seeks to remain quiet to protect the land’s delicate natural beauty. Visitors who want to travel the steep slopes of the village nestled tightly into the Himalayan mountains must pay extra for the privilege with a $250 per day travel tariff.


#3. A South Pacific Island


Famous tourist destinations often see many times more tourists than they have residents. For example, Paris has just over two million residents, yet over 30 million tourists visit each year. The tiny nation of Tuvalu has less than 12,000 residents, so it is easy to imagine their visitors would outnumber their population. The country, however, gets only about 2,000 people stopping in each year.


Nine islands form the Pacific Ocean nation of Tuvalu. Guests will see unspoiled beaches, beautiful lagoons, and coral atolls. The quiet island is the fourth-smallest nation in the world, and scientists warn it may continue to shrink due to erosion from the ocean waves.


Dedicated travelers rarely want the same experience as every other tourist when they enter a new country. The least visited places in the world offer an opportunity to genuinely see what life is like for locals rather than the image presented for paying guests. Lesser-known destinations allow the chance for real exploration and discovery.

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