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With summer picking up and most big family vacations being postponed or canceled, many Americans are looking for alternatives. The pandemic poses new challenges for travelers, but there are still ways to get out of the house safely. While not taking a typical family trip may seem disappointing, it is an opportunity to explore things closer to home.

When it comes to safety while traveling, one of the biggest roadblocks is transportation. Americans have grown accustomed to being in close quarters when traveling with options like commercial flights and rideshare companies. There are other options, though. If air travel is necessary, booking a flight on a private charter can be easier and cheaper than expected. If you plan to go somewhere requiring a car, renting one is a safer option than grabbing an Uber or Lyft. Private charters allow for less contact with others, and rental agencies are enhancing their sanitation standards.

The next issue is accommodations. Hotels and resorts pose a high risk due to the number of guests and staff present. Other choices are surprisingly prevalent, though. Home rental services were becoming popular before the pandemic, and medical professionals say renting a house is now the safest option. It offers virtually no personal contact and is perfect for social distancing as they often offer game rooms, private pools, and other entertainment on site.

When looking for activities, it is smart to keep in mind that, though some theme parks and tourist attractions are opening, they pose a fairly high risk. Even when following CDC guidelines, there is a high probability of interactions with others. A good alternative is visiting national parks. They are starting to open up as well, following the same CDC guidelines but offering many more open air and socially distanced options. Most national parks have hiking trails and offer other outdoor activities such as camping and kayaking.

Travel this summer does not have to be completely off the table. While some of these options may seem more expensive, officials seem to prefer taking a smaller trip closer to home over bigger trips farther away, which could help cut costs as well. With the proper precautions Americans can still enjoy a getaway this summer.

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